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This is the official Wiki for the YouTube Channel "SCDude1999". SCDude1999 is credited for making such unique horror films and other various movies using LEGO Stop Motion Animation; otherwise known as "Brickfilms." Read about the films SCDude1999 made, learn about characters, and hear about upcoming brickfilms in the future!


Q: What is a brickfilm?

A: Brickfilming is a stop motion technique used to create animated videos using LEGO Bricks.

Q: Who is SCDude1999?

A: SCDude1999's real name is Anthony Tapiz, a Lego Stop Motion Animator since 2014. He is the founder of United Lego Artists Studios.

Q: What is United Lego Artists?

A: United Lego Artists is a for-profit animation studio based in Watsonville CA. Most brickfilms distributed by ULA are horror-themed, but they do some non-horror brickfilms in some cases.

Q: Why does SCDude1999 make horror films?

A: Because horror films are his favorite genre.

Brickfilms distributed by United Lego Artists Studios: Edit

- The Reign of Terror Series

- The Scarpyard of Doom and Star Wars Skits: Based on the iconic Science fiction series, these brickfilms are the most popular videos on SCDude1999's YouTube Channel. The most popular Star Wars video as of 2017 is The Scrapyard of Doom, which tells the story about the Ghost Crew (from Star Wars Rebels) getting captured by malfunctioning Battle Droids, lead by a secret Sith Lord.

- Total Drama Lego Island episodes 1-6:

Upcoming Brickfilms Edit

- Soul Engine: This brickfilm takes place in a 1905 London, and is based off Thomas The Tank Engine from "The Railway Series." The story involves a gruesome murder taking place near a train station, and it is up to a driver and fireman to solve the mystery in order to prove their innocence after being convicted of the crime. This brickfilm will involve a serious case of dysfunctional family relationships, and a tragic story behind how the beloved Tank Engine came into exsistance (as told by SCDude1999).

- Untitled Science Fiction Space Movie- This brickfilm will be a battle between robots, aliens, and humanity. This is also a parody to the movies, "Alien, Terminator, Star Wars, and more!"

- Untitled World War One and Two Movie Series: These series of brickfilms will tell the tale about a Mexican-American Soldier's experience fighting in two of the most deadliest wars mankind has ever seen. There will be a lot of war violence, and some things that might not be suitable for some.

- The Great Hollywood War- Two college filmmakers are trying to come up with a story to make into a film. While gathering film equipment, they find a magic movie camera, and accidentally make their major antagonist to their film, Lucifer, come to life. In order to stop their creation from enslaving humanity, the filmmakers recruit famous movie characters such as the droids from Star Wars ep4, Indiana Jones, Neo from the Matrix, Gandalf the Grey to stop Lucifer, who is also building an army full of movie villians like Darth Vader, The Terminator, Wicket Witch, and so much more. This will be an epic battle.

Latest activityEdit

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